Too busy reading

One of my last posts was towards the end of Movember and in it I had my glasses on and indicated that I was “too busy reading”.  For those that know me, this will perhaps come as a poorly scripted joke, since I have never been much of a reader, never.  Made it difficult through school and Uni with the whole not really into reading thing.

BookwormWell with the introduction of Movember and the growing of the ‘beard’ and I use the term loosely there, see previous xx of Movember posts, I also decided, can’t remember why, to start reading.  The kids have been a few times recently to the library to get books, tbh mostly girly girl would read for pleasure not wee man, he onlys read school material and only to avoid punishment points, although he does quite well with his reading generally.

So me being the techy I decided I would look into eBooks and get them on my tablet.  Well for some reason this sparked a gold rush on books for me.  To date of this post I have read full on books, not piddly comics or books with pictures, and not the ones you read to the kids…8 yes that’s right Eight Books!!  Full on Novels and lengthy texts…

Earth Strike by Ian Douglas (Sci Fi book) was where it started, I like SciFi, Star Wars, Star Trek all that spacey and Sci Fi is something I am interested in, then couldn’t download 2 and 3 in the series since they are not available through the library e lending thingy so then moved onto; Killing Floor by Lee Child the first in the Jack Reacher series, for no other reason than I had heard the name and the recent movie with Tom Cruise and it intrigued me and I like the Bourne and Bond type movies and it sounded similar.

Couldn’t get book 2 at the time as it was on loan to someone else and I am a bit of stickler for reading these in order (so glad I did) so instead went onto a Biography; Steve Jobs The man who thought different by Karen Blumenthal, not an official one but a good read nonetheless.  Then went back to now available and checked out to me book 2 Die Trying by Lee Child and have just today finished my last book (#8 overall #6 in Jack Series) and started book #9 for me and 7th in the series for Jack.

Mrs is asking where her husband has gone and who is this bookworm with his face in a book constantly.

Now you see it now you don’t

Well it didn’t take long after the end of Movember for the facial hair to come off.  As is no secret I wasn’t overly impressed with the facial hair on me and the family liked it even less, especially missus.  So we are back to the normal, clean cut, clean shaven Father Abbott we all know and love.

I have to confess there was a couple of times that I did like it, when it was just trimmed at the barbers, it actually looked quite good, trim and possibly worth keeping, but not that worth it so it’s gone.

So if you missed meeting me in person while I was sporting the Movember look, I am afraid the pictures on here are as close as you are ever likely to get.

I did take some pictures on the night that I shaved it all off a great before and after so that I could put them side by side, unfortunately this was while I was mid phone changeover from getting my own personal fixed, so they have been lost in the catacombs of time, sorry.

17th Movember

Trying to keep it going, had some fun this morning on the way to school.  Wee man is not good with not being given the lead and being told something other than what he wanted so we started our school walk with sourpuss walking a wee bit back.  So as usually works I begin a distraction technique.

I began with loudly, so wee man could hear, asking Girly Girl if she could hear the grunts of the ‘lesser spotted grumpy bum’ easily recognised by the loud stamping of feet and intermittent hmphing noises that could be heard. This worked a treat and a couple of minutes later I started to ask did she now recognise the ‘lesser spotted laughy bottom’ again could be known for similar markings but very different call of laughing not hmphing.  Then shortly afterwards we met some school friends and another opportunity to spot the ‘greater breasted showy off’ again very similar markings but this one has more arm movement and dances a bit more while still laughing.  The final one I mentioned I sometimes see is the ‘red faced nippy knickers’ I did say to girly girl I hadn’t seen one of them in a while but she easily guessed the anology. So much fun they d all the way to school and were still talking about it at the dinner table with Yve.


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16th of Movember

Standards have been slipping…or is it just human nature to be inconsistent sometimes. I was doing quite well keeping up to date every night but then a busy weekend hits and it all goes to pot!!


Does anyone remember the programme with Grizzly Adams?or Big Foot and the Hendersons? These programmes are what came to mind when I saw this picture.

I have noticed that my face feels kind of weird…no really, I wonder why, I hear you cry!! What I mean is when I rub my face on a collar of a jacket for example or even just rub my hands over my face lightly, which I appear to be doing a lot more than I used to, it is almost fluffy and detached from my actual face, very strange, well it would be I have never been like this before, very intriguing.

For the record, despite wise cracks about growing it longer till Christmas so that I can look the part and other more encouraging “I really like it” comments, it will be coming off on December 1st without fail, it just isn’t me and it certainly ain’t growing on me, if you’ll pardon the expression. Furthermore the missus doesn’t like the facial hair thing, so for all those reasons, mainly I don’t like it and neither does my beautiful wife it comes off after Movember. Sorry to disappoint!!

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12th of Movember


Deep in thought or just scratching the surface…

To be honest I really didn’t want to post tonight, sore stomach tired stressed day just tired really.  Did some work on the website bit of updating getting frustrated with it some of the formatting appears a bit messed up in places, can’t decide whether that is the template or something in the scripting. I will look at it again another day, for now it has been brightened up and sharpened with some updates and as a work in progress it shall remain.

Nothing has changed in the facial hair dept, used wee mans hair brush as I felt it was a bit unruly, there isn’t enough to be unruly but I just felt that it was.

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11th of Movember


Well I did say I was heading to the barbers today, that was an experience.  Gents Lounge in Paisley I have been going there ever since coming back up to Paisley needed somewhere to go, spotted a good friend in there and decided if it is good enough for them then it is good enough for me, and so it has been.

This is quite a bright picture is it not, it makes me laugh when I see it as looking in the mirror I thought I have more hair on my chin than I do on my head now and I am not referring to the balding patch on my crown!!  Glen did trim the beard a little took those annoying little bits from the very corner of my mouth, appears to have left the bulk of the length and just tidied up under the jowls and sideburns, so we soldier on, very apt considering today, thank you to those men and women past and present who helped deliver the relative democracy and freedom we so take for granted today…

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10th of Movember


This is the kind of face wee man makes when he’s not happy about something you’ve said or made him do, in fact girly girl does it as well usually in response to again not happy with the response you just gave. Me I’m just having some fun.

Look closely at the picture for tomorrow will be very different, heading to the barbers tomorrow, no not shaving it off but more than likely will get a tidy and a trim, to make it look less like I haven’t just bothered not to shave and more like I am actually trying to cultivate something here.  Funny since I am doing about as well with this as I do in the garden!!

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9th of Movember


Ok so before anybody makes a wise crack about alcohol, no I haven’t touched a drop not in weeks. It was possibly inspired by a drunken look , but not directly. I have to make a face or you won’t see any facial hair as I can tell you it has been left rampant for over a week now, little to show for it I know but I can’t make want don’t grow in this month of MoBro!!

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